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If your computer is dead slow or behaving erratically, I have the know how to make it perform even better than when you first purchased it.  Your computer is much more powerful than it appears.  Many years of in depth experience have taught me that PCs are often loaded with trial or superfluous software which cause them to be much more sluggish than they need to be.  Then, over time, they accumulate unnecessary and even harmful software downloaded from the internet, whether by the user's choice or the action of criminals who have "broken in".

My customers have been most happy when I have rid their machines of all these nefarious interlopers and they are running at their full potential.  This is the simple yet immensely powerful technique of optimal configuration. 

It is what I do best because of years of practice and constant improvement.

The technique, which you are welcome to perform yourself if you have the time and inclination, consists of these steps:

Because of the thorough and painstaking nature of this process it typically takes a day or so, with most of the time taken by machine processing. Consequently, and owing to my own lack of transport, you will need to bring your machine to me and collect it from me when the work is done.

To offset your inconvenience and because I hope to be performing this minor miracle on several machines in parallel, I charge just £20.

I also offer:

Each service costs typically £20 but may be more depending on how much work is required (plus the cost of parts in the case of repairs and upgrades).

If you have some other requirement, don't hesitate to ask.  I may be able to help.

Always remember that in the unlikely event my efforts are unsuccessful, I will charge you absolutely nothing. 

£20 to make your machine perform better than when new!

Upgrade hard disk to ssd for no extra charge other than the cost of the ssd!

Call  07948439626

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John McCarthy

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No fix, no fee